5 mar. 2013

Bad gal RiRi.

Our favorite baddest chick in town has launched her very own collection recently and the reviews are already flying!

Tom Sykes of The Daily Beast called it "a horror show," saying:
"Rihanna's show was a tiresome, underwhelming and uninspired marketing exercise. The clothes were hideous and without an ounce of panache or style between them. It was like Fright Night in Kmart."

That was a bit harsh don't you guys think? I mean give her a break we have to look at all facts: 1. It's her very first collection... Yes she is a hit-maker music wise but you can't expect this girl to nail everything she does from the first try. 2. That's riri's style like many designers which happen to be a bit odd and people still dig it because they are already famous for being like that, its a matter of time before people start swallowing it!

On the other hand we have Elle magazine fashion editor Anne-Marie Curtis saying:
"The collection is an ode to all things high fashion. Think Eighties Norma Kamali meets Alexander Wang luxe sportswear. From fluid jersey dresses to sweatshirts to all-in-ones and varying length skirts almost exclusively in a navy, black and white palette, there are myriad options here for even the most discerning fashion eye. Stand-out items include a black jersey column evening dress, a brilliantly cut bra top, a navy cropped sweatshirt, and a properly fabulous denim jumpsuit."

She was very kind as we all should! Way to go!

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