1 mar. 2013

Eternal love between my sneakers and I.

I've been craving so much to write about this topic in specific... "Why do you wear so many sneakers and such?". For those who don't know me personally it is true my closet is full of them! But why? Girls in this country often think that by wearing them they won't be girly enough or some twisted thought which I still don't get. And here's another thing I don't get you laugh at me because I choose not to be wandering around the city all day without even being able to walk properly on heels?! (Which by the way if you're never gonna stop wearing them you might as well learn how to walk with them) This is the part where I question in what kind of ignorant country (fashion wise) I may be living at... I mean come on, really?! Even wearing them to go to college and I get picked on? (which just gave me a brilliant idea that I'll get back on it later on for you guys) My advice? People you gotta browse around a little and maybe try to open your eyes to a new world where heels aren't the only option. Anyways, getting back to the topic here are my favorites sneakers and SUCH, you know only so the girls that are not diggin' it can hate it a little more!

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