5 mar. 2013

Start Wearing/ Make it stop.

This post is brought to you by a popular demand! What we should start wearing and what should be six feet under and never brought back.

Our most common issue is our hot ass climate, we sure leave some things behind because if we do wear them we might as well burn to death with the heat. But here is where I have to strike in once again, I think we are taking it a little too far and leaving far too many trends behind because of this. I invite all of you to leave the fear behind of being looked as a mad person and start wearing more what you like... Of course we sure know our boundaries! Here are the top 3 things we must start using already (feedback is very well allowed, I wanna know what's your opinion on what we should start wearing!)

1. Hats hats & more hats ( I love how classy or edgy depending on what type of hat you can turn your outfit with this simple accessory and not only that but it changes your whole look completely)

2. Boots (again yes don't call me crazy there are all kinds of boots depending on the occasion including summer ones.)

3. Pants ( Girls, denim is a true classic we all know. It matches with about anything but you must start wearing pants a little more often. Specially looking on how classy and matured aspect it might give to anyone who wears them right of course)


For this one I want complete feedback! I wanna know what you guys think should stop for good! Lemme know and I'll post the results!

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