8 jun. 2011

Wild summer flowers.

Her name is Aisha Yaccino. What's not to love about her?! Her hair, outfits, style, etc. I adore everything about this young lady. She loves nature and somehow manages to reflect that on what she wears. She's the type of person that would rock out a pair of jeans and t-shirt putting some assistance to it. Love the fact that she uses a lot of colors without looking tacky. This pictures were taken in chicago nevertheless she's from here our awesome little island. 

( H&M white dress, Zara yellow skirt, blue heels from Forever XXI, vintage tribal white shirt, vintage shorts from a little shop in paris) 

2 comentarios:

  1. you are stunning! I love her hair, her outfit in the 3rd picture and your blog!!!

    http://artofbeingcool.blogspot.com/ (would love if we could follow each other ;) )

  2. Great photos!! Love your blog- following you :)