21 nov. 2011

Fashion Photographer of the month- November.

Our precious... GIOVANNI CAVALLARO! For this entry I had the amazing opportunity of working with him for his featured pictures! It was by far my best experience doing a photo shoot. This man is not only extremely talented but he knows how to create a mood during the photo shoot and creates a dynamic between the model and himself of course! Personally, he's one of my favorite photographers here in DR... If you wanna see for yourself, scroll down!  

  Mango Blue Mall Sequin Jacket 

         Mango BM and Alterego - Necklace 
Chloé Shoes, Corte Inglés Hat, YSL Platforms

 Mango BM Jeans
 Vintage Mango Top

 Mango BM Jacket
Alterego Blouse
  Chloé Boots

 Mango BM Sequin Top
Mango BM Necklace
Chloé Shoes

 Blue Blouse and JBrand Jeans from Alterego
Vintage Lace Corset 
Zara Hat

 Robert Rodríguez Blouse  and Black BCBG leggins from Alterego.
Chloé Boots

Mango BM White Studded Shorts
Martin Margiela Boots

Estilismo: Maria Gabriela Suero 
Maquillaje: Aimee Escoto
Agradecimientos: Patricia Rodriguez & Giovanni Cavallaro

Contact info: http://www.facebook.com/giovannicavallarophoto

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