5 oct. 2011


Guess who's back fellow friends! Whoa it's been a long time now and I missed it so much but back to business! I'm back with a lot of new things to share with you guys, can't wait! I'll be posting new sections about everything that has to do with our lovely fashion industry! Fashion photographer of the month, model of the month (runway & photos), trendsetters, and more! What a better way than to start this new post than with our Milano girl, Yazmin Yeara from The Hippie Nerd! 

    • Here are some questions from NPIRE-THN: 

      NPIRE: What is fashion for you? 

      THN: Fashion for me is a lifestyle. It’s about being confident every day, not just what you wear, but who you are. Fashion is not just about the right clothes, it’s about the right attitude and feelings. 

      NPIRE: How do you describe your style? 

      THN: My style is very bohemian chic, looking good while still feeling comfortable. I love mixing and matching styles in one outfit and always adding my own personal touch. My favorite look is a blazer with skinny jeans. It makes women look strong and sexy. 

      NPIRE: Any suggestions for the DR trendsetters? 

      THN: Just be yourself! Don't dress to impress other people, dress to make yourself look and feel good. Try some crazy things once in a while because in the end, if you do something right, people will follow you.

      NPIRE: What are your expectations for DM'11? 

      THN: I am very excited for this year’s DM! Every year, the designers surprise me more and more. I have heard about some juicy new collections that I can't wait to post! The Dominican Republic has grown so much in the fashion field over the years… It makes me feel proud to say I'm Dominicana!

      Photography: Amanda musa

      Zara head Band
      ASOS- Jacket thingy
      Black Asos leggins
      Steve Madden Glitter Pumps
      H&M top
      H&M Jacket 

      Mango Shoes 
      vintage rings 
       Silver Nail Polish- H&M 
      Golden Sequined Dress ABS
      VODOO DUDE Mango Necklase 
      Sephora- Red Orange Lipstick

      H&M Scarf
      Vintage Glasses
      Asos- Leather Hoodie
      Zara Fall Shorts
      Vintage Boots 

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