15 mar. 2013

NPIRE Photoshoot. (Back on track)

As usual you know that we make monthly photoshoots... Since we love to break the rules and we're so good at it here it is guys! Enjoy one of many more to come. Special thanks to all ones who pushed me to get back in the game... This one's for you! 

5 mar. 2013

Start Wearing/ Make it stop.

This post is brought to you by a popular demand! What we should start wearing and what should be six feet under and never brought back.

Our most common issue is our hot ass climate, we sure leave some things behind because if we do wear them we might as well burn to death with the heat. But here is where I have to strike in once again, I think we are taking it a little too far and leaving far too many trends behind because of this. I invite all of you to leave the fear behind of being looked as a mad person and start wearing more what you like... Of course we sure know our boundaries! Here are the top 3 things we must start using already (feedback is very well allowed, I wanna know what's your opinion on what we should start wearing!)

1. Hats hats & more hats ( I love how classy or edgy depending on what type of hat you can turn your outfit with this simple accessory and not only that but it changes your whole look completely)

2. Boots (again yes don't call me crazy there are all kinds of boots depending on the occasion including summer ones.)

3. Pants ( Girls, denim is a true classic we all know. It matches with about anything but you must start wearing pants a little more often. Specially looking on how classy and matured aspect it might give to anyone who wears them right of course)


For this one I want complete feedback! I wanna know what you guys think should stop for good! Lemme know and I'll post the results!

Bad gal RiRi.

Our favorite baddest chick in town has launched her very own collection recently and the reviews are already flying!

Tom Sykes of The Daily Beast called it "a horror show," saying:
"Rihanna's show was a tiresome, underwhelming and uninspired marketing exercise. The clothes were hideous and without an ounce of panache or style between them. It was like Fright Night in Kmart."

That was a bit harsh don't you guys think? I mean give her a break we have to look at all facts: 1. It's her very first collection... Yes she is a hit-maker music wise but you can't expect this girl to nail everything she does from the first try. 2. That's riri's style like many designers which happen to be a bit odd and people still dig it because they are already famous for being like that, its a matter of time before people start swallowing it!

On the other hand we have Elle magazine fashion editor Anne-Marie Curtis saying:
"The collection is an ode to all things high fashion. Think Eighties Norma Kamali meets Alexander Wang luxe sportswear. From fluid jersey dresses to sweatshirts to all-in-ones and varying length skirts almost exclusively in a navy, black and white palette, there are myriad options here for even the most discerning fashion eye. Stand-out items include a black jersey column evening dress, a brilliantly cut bra top, a navy cropped sweatshirt, and a properly fabulous denim jumpsuit."

She was very kind as we all should! Way to go!

1 mar. 2013

Eternal love between my sneakers and I.

I've been craving so much to write about this topic in specific... "Why do you wear so many sneakers and such?". For those who don't know me personally it is true my closet is full of them! But why? Girls in this country often think that by wearing them they won't be girly enough or some twisted thought which I still don't get. And here's another thing I don't get you laugh at me because I choose not to be wandering around the city all day without even being able to walk properly on heels?! (Which by the way if you're never gonna stop wearing them you might as well learn how to walk with them) This is the part where I question in what kind of ignorant country (fashion wise) I may be living at... I mean come on, really?! Even wearing them to go to college and I get picked on? (which just gave me a brilliant idea that I'll get back on it later on for you guys) My advice? People you gotta browse around a little and maybe try to open your eyes to a new world where heels aren't the only option. Anyways, getting back to the topic here are my favorites sneakers and SUCH, you know only so the girls that are not diggin' it can hate it a little more!

Girl crush.

And of course I had to start posting about my favorite model/ girl crush CARA DELEVIGNE. Okay, listen guys don't get me wrong I know that everybody is pumped up with this chick right now but this girl is insanely genius! I mean really? I see girls all over NY trying the cara trend meaning beanies, caps, skinny jeans, crazy kicks, and last but not least EYEBROWS, yes EYEBROWS. This girl deserves recognition somewhere for finally breaking with the sexy/unreachable model type... I mean like she's so... NORMAL in goofy ways of course. She's making any girl able to relate to her in the most simple way, being herself. Take note ladies... Bitches be trippin' all over tha place cuz of this girl, you go cara!

20 ago. 2012

The tiger has returned to its NPIRE.

Whoaaa guys... Yes its been a year since my last post, my apologies. As you know I am a student currently working to get my butt off to new york so my studies have taken the best/worst of me! But to hell all that right? Life is given to us because we can live it right! So why not enter the blogger world again and go loco! Prepare yourself because what's coming is now stronger, better, and so much more awesome than before! Your girl is back my friends so hold on tight!

21 nov. 2011

Fashion Photographer of the month- November.

Our precious... GIOVANNI CAVALLARO! For this entry I had the amazing opportunity of working with him for his featured pictures! It was by far my best experience doing a photo shoot. This man is not only extremely talented but he knows how to create a mood during the photo shoot and creates a dynamic between the model and himself of course! Personally, he's one of my favorite photographers here in DR... If you wanna see for yourself, scroll down!  

  Mango Blue Mall Sequin Jacket 

         Mango BM and Alterego - Necklace 
Chloé Shoes, Corte Inglés Hat, YSL Platforms

 Mango BM Jeans
 Vintage Mango Top

 Mango BM Jacket
Alterego Blouse
  Chloé Boots

 Mango BM Sequin Top
Mango BM Necklace
Chloé Shoes

 Blue Blouse and JBrand Jeans from Alterego
Vintage Lace Corset 
Zara Hat

 Robert Rodríguez Blouse  and Black BCBG leggins from Alterego.
Chloé Boots

Mango BM White Studded Shorts
Martin Margiela Boots

Estilismo: Maria Gabriela Suero 
Maquillaje: Aimee Escoto
Agradecimientos: Patricia Rodriguez & Giovanni Cavallaro

Contact info: http://www.facebook.com/giovannicavallarophoto