15 nov. 2011

Holiday Issues.

Fall, fall , fall... Eternal summer if you ask me. Got some good cookies baking in the oven and when I say that I refer to upcoming holiday trends! What to wear, where to wear it, HOW to wear it, rock it when wearing IT. Colors, shapes, fabrics, and everything else for rocking your holiday looks. These three looks might just figure your outfits out for what's left of the year. It's pretty simple to look smoking hot... Try sequined dresses or bottoms but be sure to choose wisely because there's a fine line between tacky and classy when it comes to sequence. You can also mix sequined pieces with feathers they're a MUST. Especially at this time of the year! Usually when it comes to picking colors for my outfits I go for neutral colors like white, black, or grey but don't be afraid to use attention grabbers! Another trend which is one of my favorites are the studded dresses or shoes, they give an amazing badass look with whatever you want to mix it with. Here are some of my favorite for my holiday selection. Day & night outfits: 

(yes, I'm a Blake Lively fan when it comes to style) So, you got the idea... Above we have some dresses from the Jaqueline Then's brand new collection "Believe" and Our lovely Moises Quesada always standing out with the feathers. For the bright pink dress Blake's wearing we have a Michael kohrs no more said. 

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