6 oct. 2011

Fashion Designer of the month- October.


Fashion Designer: Jusef Sanchez
Collections: Specchio; Antipodas (2011)
Questions from NPIRE- J.S:

NPIRE: When did you realize that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

J.S: I've always wanted to be a fashion designer since being a child. My close family worked on making costume made clothing and I always spent my time playing around with fabrics in the atelier. Since that moment I knew I wanted to be a professional designer and have the opportunity to develop my talent. 

NPIRE: Which has been your best collection? 

J.S: I always say the last one! Jaja, in this case "Antipodas" 

NPIRE: What do you think about DR's Fashion industry?

J.S: I think that we're improving everyday even more and I believe that we are getting closer to get well known in all latin america as a country with a lot of talent in fashion. 

NPIRE: What do you expect of DM'11? 

J.S: I expect to see a lot of talent!! I am dying for DM'11 to come so I can enjoy as well the wonderful work of the other local designers! 

NPIRE: Which is your favorite international designer? 

J.S: Well, I have a lot! 
1-Norma Kamali
2-William Tempest
3-Ashley Isham
4-The blonds
6-Herve Leger
7-Elie Saab
9-Gucci spring 2010 ready to wear
10-Thierry Mugler
11-Stephane Rolland

Guys, I can't wait to see his whole new collection "Antipodas" at DM'11! Keep in tune of this man's work... He's amazing! 

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