20 jul. 2011


Layers: even though we live in a very HOT country is good to play around with them from time to time. It gives a touch to any outfit depending on patterns or colors. Denim: They are back on track! About everyone uses this trend lately and I love it. Don't be scared to use denim shorts as well at night. They look very good with something more formal on top. For example, I always use it with blouses or blazers and very attractive heels. Platforms: They are back as well! This looks good with about anything! Rings: Love love LOVE them. I like to use a lot of rings with different types of styles. Belt purses: This is genius, love the fact how they played with different styles and still make them look chic and at the same time very comfortable. 

Photos via: Man Repeller, style.com, nastygal.com

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